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  The AD7798/AD7799 are low power, low noise, complete analog front ends for high precision measurement applicaTIons. The AD7798/AD7799 contains a low noise, 16-/24-bit ∑-∆ ADC with three differenTIal analog inputs. The on-chip, low noise instrumentaTIon amplifier means that signals of small amplitude can be interfaced directly to the ADC. With a gain setTIng of 64, the rms noise is 27 nV for the AD7799 and 40 nV for the AD7798 when the update rate equals 4.17 Hz. On-chip features include a low-side power switch, reference detect, programmable digital output pins, burnout currents, and an internal clock oscillator. The output data rate from the part is software-programmable and can be varied from 4.17 Hz to 470 Hz. The part operates with a power supply from 2.7 V to 5.25 V. The AD7798 consumes a current of 300 µA typical, whereas the AD7799 consumes 380 µA typical. Both devices are housed in a 16-lead TSSOP package.


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